Guarding Against WhatsApp Scams: Stay Informed and Secure

Have you recently received an unsolicited message on WhatsApp from someone who claims to be a recruiter from Talent Chief? We want to ensure that you’re well-informed about an ongoing scam that’s targeting individuals searching for job opportunities. These scammers are attempting to deceive by offering fake job positions, but their real goal is to […]

The Journey to Talent Chief!

Here it is, my first article as a recruitment business owner. Now there’s a line that I never thought I’d write. A rollercoaster of a ride in recruitment has culminated in me doing something that I didn’t think was possible – Starting my own recruitment business! I remember in my first interview for a recruitment […]

The Value of Being Kind On LinkedIn

Another month, which can only mean one thing: It’s the return of another article by yours truly. To those of you that came back, thank you! The positive feedback that I get from these gives me the motivation to write the next one. As each month passes, I start to notice things that I hadn’t […]

The Truth – Impossible To Trip Over

There’s an old saying that I’ve used throughout my life – and it’s this: “You can trip over a lie, but you can’t trip over the truth” This is something that all recruiters should remember throughout their careers. As much as it may be easy to tell a little white lie every now and again […]

Homeworking – How to Remain Focussed

In the last few years, hybrid and home working have both become very popular. Whilst there are a few out there who are in careers where it’s almost impossible to do their jobs remotely, as well as those who just love being office based, many seem to now be used to working either a hybrid […]