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I entered the world of Rec2Rec in April 2017 and have been doing it ever since.

I estimate that I have helped over 150+ people reach their goal of obtaining that dream recruitment role!

Yes, absolutely! In fact, I’ve amassed over 50 recommendations on my LinkedIn from happy customers. Have a look there! (

In order to do this I’ll need to get, effectively, your life story. I want to know everything about you, and really get to grips with what makes you tick and, most importantly, what is going to make you happiest long term.

From there, I will lay out exactly what I have available in relation to what you’ve told us, and supply as much information as I can about said opportunities. If it happens that we have nothing that specifically matches, then I will go out and find it. And of course, check in with you frequently to give you updates.

You’ll find me on the rugby pitch most Saturdays between September and April, as playing is my passion, having done so for 15 years at adult level. My other main passions are spending time with my family, cooking obscure dishes from all over the world, and spending time in the gym that’s a mere stroll from my house.

Thanks to my extensive network coverage, I have tapped into most of the main UK recruitment markets, including (but not limited to) Bristol, London, Brighton, Manchester and Cardiff. Wherever you are in the UK, we should definitely have a chat.

I’ve placed people in almost every sector you can think of. If I had to pinpoint a couple that I’ve seen more success than others, it would have to be IT and Engineering.

Ok, this is going to be a tough answer for most – If I genuinely believe that your offering is hindering your ability to acquire in the best talent, then I will tell you. Whichever outcome comes from that (working together or not) will tell me everything I need to know abut your desire to hire.

It’s a big cliché, but I’d have to say honesty and transparency. As I can see you rolling your eyes at that (rightly so, everybody says this), let me explain further.


If I firmly believe that I can’t help you, I will advise you accordingly. I don’t believe in having ‘rivals’ in the traditional sense in recruitment, as everybody is trying to make a living. Therefore, if I need to recommend somebody else to help, I will.


Equally, if you have multiple offers on the table, and I feel that the best one is one that I have not obtained for you, I will tell you that, along with the reasons why. This is by far the best approach in business, I strongly believe that.

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