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I’m Tom, Founder and Director here at Talent Chief. Starting this company was a big milestone for me, and I’m excited to see what highs we can reach as a business.

To get a more rounded picture of me, Let me take you back to January 2017.

I had just been made redundant from an multinational Estate Agency, where I had been for just over a year as a Sales Manager. By this point, I had been in the property industry for 4 years, and had worked hard to get to where I was. However, I couldn’t help save one of their struggling branches and they decided to close it. The decision was to either travel 90 minutes each way to another branch every day, or take redundancy, and I took the latter.

A couple of months of trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I was advised by a friend that I may be able to transfer my sales skills into Recruitment. I’d spent 5 years before my Estate Agency career as a personal trainer, so almost 10 years trying to sell something or other!

I contacted a local recruitment agency, and was offered the job a week later. I had no idea recruitment had different sectors and had no clue what a rec2rec was. I was given a phone, laptop, and a list of companies to contact in the Bristol area to see if they’d work with me.

And I was off, I loved it! Talking to so many different people every day is something that I have come to relish, and the Bristol area was fascinating. I was hooked instantly, so much so that I moved to the area in early 2020.

Fast forward to the end of 2022, and realising that the rec2rec sector is losing it’s personalised touch, I decided to take the plunge and go it alone. And despite being one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, the overwhelming excitement is far outweighing this.

At home, I live with my partner and our 3 cats Squeals, Bo-bo and Thor. You’ll see a fair bit of them both on here and LinkedIn and in advance, Thor is definitely the problem-child of the family! We live just north of Bristol, in a nice quiet area of the countryside. This, I firmly believe, allows me to feel relaxed whilst running the business everyday, thus providing a much better service for you.

I also play rugby for the local team. But considering most professionals at my age are almost at retirement age, I’m a social player through and through. This takes up a couple of nights a week for me, as well as most Saturdays between September and April.

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We will do right by you from day 1, as that’s how it should be.

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A bespoke search on either a retained or contingency basis to fulfil your hiring needs, from trainees all the way to Company Directors.

We will work closely with you and fine-tune the search categories/company packages to make sure we bring in only the best professionals to your business.

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To offer an honest, trustworthy service, showcasing our empathetic nature

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To be the go-to rec2rec for all our customers


“Recruitment is 90% listening and understanding. The rest is common sense”
– Tom Greet 2017

Jack Cartwright LinkedIn

Tom was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, he understood what I was looking for and put me in contact with some really interesting companies. Tom's hard work helped me to secure two great offers and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for their next role in recruitment

Lisa Banyard LinkedIn

I couldn't thank Tom enough for his help in securing my new dream role. He was thorough in his preparation for myself, including in-depth company information, interview advice and tips and generally just being so welcoming and boosting my confidence massively. From my experience, I'm confident in saying Tom is a brilliant recruiter, who I believe is fantastic to work with both as a candidate and a client. Thanks again Tom, I'm really looking forward to starting my new role!

Josh Spilsbury LinkedIn

Tom is thorough, relatable and down to earth. I recently went through the process with Tom and can not recommend him enough. He kept me updated and ensured I was well prepared and was honest when needed. He is the perfect embodiment of what a recruiter should be. Anybody looking for a new recruitment role would be stupid to not drop him a message. He only brings roles that tick the boxes you have and keeps you in the loop every step of the way

Mercedes Sargant LinkedIn

After Tom initially reached out to me when I wasn't looking for a role I was wowed by his professionalism and recommended him to a friend - to then go on to use him myself. Tom is honest, open and transparent and keeps to his word. He fully understood what I was looking for in my next role and had a number of different options open to me. He would always make time for me if I needed reassurance or wanted anything clarified. He also will remember everything you say and makes your conversations feel meaningful rather than having to repeat yourself as I found with other rec2recs! Tom landed me a job I love and I cannot thank him enough.

Nicola Bullivent LinkedIn

It has been my absolute pleasure to have been supported by Tom in my recent role search - a more committed, caring, friendly, down to earth and complete professional consultant you will struggle to find. He really takes the time to listen to you, to understand what your requirements are, and then commits to seeking suitable opportunities. Despite the fact he is incredibly busy, he makes you feel like you are the only person he is focusing on through regular open and honest communication, and the good luck messages pre interview are brilliant - you really feel he is championing you through the whole process. Whether you are seeking a new role or a new recruiter, I highly recommend you utilise the skills and services of Tom, he is brilliant and you won’t be disappointed.

Roshit Raj LinkedIn

A professional rec2rec that I got along with from the first moment I had my initial conversation. He fully understood my needs and wants and understood exactly what I was looking for as my next step in my career. Really easy going and every conversation I had with Tom, he made me feel at ease and gave me the boost in confidence in speaking to different clients. Definitely will recommend Tom to any recruiters out there who are currently looking for work.

Victoria Tucker LinkedIn

I highly recommend Tom especially if you're looking for something new or even to stay in your chosen career, but want to move into somewhere new to help your own personal development and growth.

Tom was very helpful throughout my job searching process, we discussed a number of options and he always made sure that we were only applying for roles that I was 100% sure of. We were in contact most days and I can't recommend him enough to anyone looking for roles in their sector. He went above and beyond to assist me with securing my new job. Thank you so much Tom for everything you have done for me and keeping me on my career progression.